The Miracle of Vitamin B Therapy

Many modern medicines have saved or extended the lives of many individuals who would previously have died from their illnesses. Those medicines often have miraculous results. However, these results are not without cost.

Many patients using prescribed medicines—oral contraceptives and medications used to treat tuberculosis and hypertension, for example—suffer from side effects of those medications. And many patients live with incurable diseases—Crohn’s disease, sickle cell disorders, sprue, certain types of cancer, Alzheimer’s, chronic heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.—which require lifelong consumption of prescription medicines with side effects that are often severe.

You may have heard the phrase, “the cure is worse than the disease.” Living with debilitating side effects affects quality of life for many patients and their families. But I have discovered that for many patients, the solution to alleviating side effects is often as easyB12

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